Thursday 20 March 2014

Fenwick Bond Street feature in Drapers Record

We're pleased to see that our store design for Fenwick Bond Street is still looking fresh 
and contemporary in Drapers Record's feature on the new management team headed by new MD David Walker-Smith. They've been running a series of events based on colour to celebrate the rebranding of the Fenwick white on green to green on white… very chic. 
The White theme saw them serving almond milk and running yoga classes in store! 
“We are establishing ourselves as a luxury destination, so we have to stay true to ourselves and our new brand image,” Walker-Smith says. “We are affirming where we already exist. Fenwick has only ever been a whisper, but now we are getting slightly louder. We’re hoping the echo will draw in the wider audience.” 
Watch out for more future inventiveness.


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